Tulum Vacation Rentals

Tulum is a new market for vacation rentals, and there are still very few houses and condos available for weekly rentals.

The properties for holiday rental in Tulum are grouped in three main areas:

1)Aldea Zama/Zama Village: this is the most recent and the more upscale area. Zama Village is the first finished building in Aldea Zama, an exclusive neighborhood in Tulum, boasting a secluded area and neat streets surrounded by preserved jungle as shown in the pics above. Zama Village, where the condo featured in this website is located, was just finished (May 2012) and is the only property already offering vacation rentals. The main advantages of Aldea Zama / Zama Village are its exclusivity, superior design, construction details and above all it is much closer to the beach (see map/last image above). Aldea Zama is connected to the beach by a nice bicycle path (see pics).

2)The second development area is La Veleta, a urban area of small land lots with some 6-10 houses available for vacation rental and some condo buildings under development. You need to cross all town to get to the beach road.

3)The third area, on the southern end of town, is a new and growing neighborhood with 5-6 condo buildings, some of them available for vacation rental. Most of the Tulum demographic growth is taking place in this area. You need to enter Tulum and cross it to get to the beach road.